Ego sum in amore et semper erit

Our hearts have a mind of their own,

And shall never become cold like stone.

They make our lives more bright.

Even when in the dark there is already the moonlight.

The feast of harvest has taken place,

I'm sure you joined in at a good pace.

Decorating hay bales you have been,

None so funny had anyone there ever seen.

In those thoughts, you're not alone,

A week has passed since I put you on a throne.

Since then you're a queen to me,

And your knight I dream to be.

Your compliments make me blush,

As the blood to certain parts does rush.

My pleasure is to make you quiver,

As your pussy turns into a river...

Pretending to be driving,

A tractor in a field...

Isn't that a sign that our love is thriving,

And can no longer be concealed?

My army may have suffered a loss,

With your mum quitting from being the boss.

However, your family is on my side,

And we'll manage to turn the tide.

A certain t-shirt I see you wear,

"One month" it reads...

All I say is beware,

As it will wrap around you like weeds.

The Royal Game of Ur,

Is serving me well as an allure.

I shall never stop haunting you,

Until your heart and brain reach a breakthrough!

May this poem help you,

With the start of a lovely week.

I'll keep working on the coup,

Which will make your knees go weak. ;)

Speechless in my dreams you were not,

As my fingers find your spot.

Heavenly dreams they were,

As one can certainly infer.

Sorry, I could not contain myself,

From putting another poem on the shelf.

You'll always be my muse,

Whom I dream to amuse.

One day a book may be written,

About all of this and even a kitten.

One who grew up to bite you,

But to the gate she came to say "coucou!"

Even Kola only once barked at me,

Before we turned friends.

I guess she could easily see,

My love any species transcends.

Time to start the day,

Even though I shall not keep you at bay.

For your image is with me,

And everyday it grows strong like a tree.

Three months and two days have flown by,

Since my last email was sent through.

All I could do was look to the sky,

And imagine me next to you.

As you did not reply,

I assumed you were doing well.

Tico and Teco had to rely,

On remembering the way you smell.

On the 29th of June,

We matched on Tinder.

Who would have thought that soon,

The old world would be just cinder.

2nd of July was the first date.

4th of July you went past the gate.

My friends to you I did show,

And how proud I was you'll never know.

On the 10th of August,

I made you a surprise.

Instead of showing disgust,

Your plans you did revise.

Three days we spent together,

And soulmates we seem to be.

Looking for the day it will be "forever",

And once again you'll sit on my knee.

The 14th saw us part,

With both shedding tears.

Lets open our hearts,

And do away with any fears.

I know not how to rhyme,

When wishing you happy birthday.

Maybe it is time,

To start writing in a simpler way.

Attached you'll find,

Some good memories.

They are intertwined,

With lovely reveries.

Thirty six you turn today,

May you be happy for many years,

I bet you're lovely the same way.

And can cross all the "daily frontiers"..

Come what may,

What we've done shall never be a regret.

If married is how you'll stay,

My grave shall be my wedding bed.

In times like these,

One's heart seems to fail.

But I beg you, please,

Don't let our love become frail.

In your arms I long to be,

And deep into your eyes see.

The thought of having you near,

Giving me strength to not disappear.

No longer shall I see life in the same light,

As your presence in my mind is oh so bright.

In the mornings I do remember,

Your hair looking like a bird's nest.

But I'd be no more than a pretender,

If I told you my heart is still inside my chest.

I hold my heart in my hands,

Holding it high and giving it to you.

May it be in the universe's plans,

That one day you give me yours too.